Last modified: 17 March 2022

All Scratchinfo pages are hosted through Vercel.

When you use the Scratchinfo User searching service, the username of the user you are searching may be accessible to our data sources. This information is necessary to provide you with Scratchinfo.

Some of our data sources are:

  • ScratchDB by @DatOneLefty on Scratch
  • my-ocular by @Jeffalo on Scratch
  • The official Scratch API by the Scratch Team

All requests to these services are taken through our servers to minimise the exposure of potentially sensitive information to these sources, such as your IP address.

When you are using Scratchinfo You, your Scratch account is verified by ScratchLight which is made by Scratchinfo. Anyone can see your Scratchinfo You page.

Our PostgreSQL database is provided by Supabase. All of the data used to provide Scratchinfo You is on Supabase.

The Supabase region is in the United Status (us-east-1). If there are any laws in your area which require data to not be stored in the United States, please don't use Scratchinfo.

Scratchinfo and ScratchLight are open source on our GitHub repository and is licensed under the MIT License.